JAPANESE TOBACCO Soft and full-bodied Japanese flavor, which truly restores unique aroma and flavor.

Vodka Lime Classic vodka cocktail, fresh lime with vodka,the best choice for classic series lover.

Cosmopolitan Cosmo girls favorite Vodka series cocktail,based with Vodka, adding juicy cranberry,cherry and sourish lemon, the best choice for cosmo girl.

Bulldog The sweet and sour grapefruit flavor with classic flavoring is not only endlessly memorable, but also a holy product to quench thirst in summer.

Ice Black Currant Black Currant Fudge, after being transformed into steam, have a different flavor,the aroma is rich in berry flavor and the taste is sweet

Wisky& Cola Rich whisky cola, one of the favorite seasoning series for fashionable young people, is a classic taste not to be missed.

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