Blanc de blancs Full of Elegant white grape aroma whileinhaling, and sweetness of white wine and champagne while exhaling. Best choice for Fruit and soda flavor lover.

Assam black tea Black tea is one of the best tea flavors,with light, smooth, and refreshing taste. You'll actually be able to feel Assam black tea flavor with this vape juice. Best choice for black tea lover.

Ice mint Light and refreshing mint aroma while inhaling and cool flavor comes afterward .Smooth taste flavor is the best choice for light flavor or mixed flavor lover.

Ice watermelon Fresh and rich watermelon with ice-cold taste will definitely give you a cool and refreshing taste in summer.

Yu He Pao Fruity, with just the right amount of sweet. known, as Taiwan lychee(Smil of Princess) bring you whole lychee juicy and sweet in one inhaling. Best choice for fruit flavor lover.

Red Apple


Golden Lemon

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